Brazil is a country with a love for the sport of Soccer.  Every young child has a  dream of growing up to be a professional soccer player like Pelé, Zico , Ronaldinho , or Neymar.  It is very common to see children playing soccer at clubs , squares  or even on the streets.  But unfortunately many of them are playing in bare feet and with a punctured ball or a ball made out of socks, because of the lack of financial resources to purchase cleats or any other soccer equipment .

Hard to believe this happens, living in a country like the United States as we do with so much more to  offer  to our children  with so many more opportunities, how fortunate we are and our children . We are definitely the lucky ones.  So, with our generosity and commitment we can help these children in Brazil so they too can live a dream .

"Cleats for Dreams" was created and formed as a nonprofit organization to help the children in Brazil to acquire cleats and soccer equipment.  Our goal is to collect  good used, cleats and soccer equipment to send to them and help them achieve their dreams.  Every child deserves to have a dream.  So help us by donating.    To view pictures of the charities who benefited from your donations visit our Facebook page.  Thank you!